The Jungle Battle is the first 100% online multidisciplinary dance competition, where the talent of choreography is rewarded in defence of dance as a sport, as an enhancer of social well-being, and in support of schools and new stars that need a boost in the social context that we are living.

There will be three categories: individual, duos and groups. Unlimited entries (registrations) per person are allowed, as long as they are in a different category and choreography style.

The competition’s goal is not only to open a window to a sector seriously suffering the consequences of the COVID crisis. Above all, we want to promote the national current dance talent providing every dancer who wants to be part of this unique experience. That is why the competition is open to anyone who loves dance and wants to demonstrate their talent in front of thousands of people.

The competition will consist of five (5) phases:

  • Four (4) Elimination Phases
  • The Great Final Battle, where the winners of the edition will be proclaimed. This fifth final phase will be broadcast free of charge through a digital platform the organization will communicate at its time.

The organization reserves the right to cancel the celebration of the competition in the event of not reaching the minimum participation of two thousand (2,000) entries; in which case it will return the specific amount to the registered participants.


Anyone who is twelve (12) years old at the time of registration* may participate in the first edition of The Jungle Battle.

Fill in the corresponding registration form, as well as accept the privacy policy for the treatment of any personal data necessary to manage your participation in The Jungle Battle.

Make the payment of the registration fee in the term and manner provided, as detailed in Section 6.

Send the requested documentation to the organization of The Jungle Battle within the established period, as detailed in Section 5.

Record and upload the video with the choreography subject to participation in The Jungle Battle, following the requirements specified in Section 5.


This first edition of The Jungle Battle will consist of three (3) categories.

  • Individual
  • Duets
  • Groups and teams, between three (3) and thirty-five (35) members. Each group will designate a representative or spokesperson to centralize communications with the organization.

In groups of more than 12 members, the groups will be allowed to be complete at the beginning and at the end of the choreography for a maximum time of 30 “in total.

In the “groups” category, teams may include 1 (one) or 2 (two) members outside the minimum age range allowed (12 years).

Unlimited entries (registrations) per person are allowed, as long as they are in a different category and choreography style.


The competition covers a wide range of urban dance disciplines (hip hop, old school, new style, commercial, afro), and modern dance (contemporary, just funk), heels, house, as well as other styles that are mixed with the previous disciplines (acrobatics, breakdance, latinos, twerk, etc …).


To participate in the competition, each individual contestant or representative of a duo or group must register through the website and make the payment of the corresponding registration fee, as well as submit the information and documentation required by the organization.

Participants must record a video (see maximum time and technical requirements in section 7), upload it to YouTube and upload it (copy the link) following the instructions in the personal area in the space reserved for it. Videos/recorded materials for previous competitions are accepted if participants cannot meet due to the current situation. The deadline to upload the video will be informed by the organization before every round of The Jungle Battle. No choreography will be accepted outside the defined deadlines.
Each of the rounds will have a jury made up of different professionals from the world of dance.

Each choreography will be scored by the jury, under criteria of objectivity and impartiality, paying particular attention to:

  • Global impression
  • Staging and costumes
  • Creativity and originality
  • Technique
  • Style and expression
  • Musical montage

All participants will have access to the general ranking and their qualifications in the corresponding categories.

If any of the members of the jury has a conflict of interest concerning any of the participants, they will be separated from the decision in that specific case.

The winners of The Jungle Battle first edition will be announced after the grand final battle.


The registration period will open on December 21 and close on January 17, 2021, at 11:59 p.m. The organization reserves the right to extend this registration period.

Due to the high demand of schools, and taking into account the current pandemic setting, the organization has decided to postpone the beginning of the competition until February 22, 2021.

New registration deadline: February 7.

New video upload deadline: February 19.

6.1 Prices

  • BASIC PACK: Registration only competition: 29€
  • PREMIUM PACK: Competition registration + 6 hours of workshops: 49€
  • PREMIUM PLUS PACK: Competition registration + 13 hours of workshops: 79€
  • WORKSHOPS: Registration only workshops (13 hours): 69€
  • SCHOOLS SPECIAL: School registration: price on request.

Participation in the competition includes:

  • Evaluation of all the videos by a jury of professionals.
  • Maximum diffusion on social networks.
  • Access to cash prizes.
  • Access to special prizes.


  • Group and duo choreographies must be entered by the school owner or by the leader/person in charge of the group or duo if they are not part of any school. Only one person in charge per group/duo is accepted to facilitate communication with the organization.
  • Individual choreographies can be entered by the school owner, the dancer’s father in case of a minor, or any individual dancer of legal age.

6.2 Documentation

Either for the workshops or any championship categories, the organization will only accept the registration if all the form fields are properly completed and attached to the corresponding area:

Copy of the National Identity Document or similar, of each participant. Assignment of voice and image rights. Signed and rightfully completed authorization for each participant.

Under 14 years: authorization signed and properly completed by the father, mother or legal guardian of the minor and DNI/NIE.

All the required documentation must be uploaded in the corresponding personal area of ​​each participant on the website.

Registration to The Jungle Battle and the Workshops will not be considered successful in the event of:

  • Not having correctly completed the form or any of the authorizations.
  • Not having made the payment of the corresponding registration fee.
  • Not having attached the necessary documentation in the corresponding fields.

Once the registration period is closed, the registration fee will only be refunded if the organization cancels the event because it does not reach the minimum registrations provided.


7.1 General

With just one choreography you can already participate in The Jungle Battle. To move on, you can simply improve or modify the initial choreography or dare to present a new one. Bear in mind that the jury will always give a better score to those who make a new piece of choreography.

7.2 Recording Technical Requirements


  • Individuals: 1m (one minute)
  • Duets: 2m (two minutes)
  • Groups: 2m30s (two minutes and thirty seconds). For groups with over 12 members, the video duration should be between 2m30s (two minutes and thirty seconds) and 4m (four minutes).

The time is counted from the first audible sound and ends with the last distinct sound.

Videos should not have lengthy introductions or closings. It is crucial to consider:

  • ROUND 1: In this round, the video is required to include, at the beginning of the video, a brief presentation of the participant or group and the city of origin.
  • The recordings total duration should not exceed 5 ”(five seconds) over the established time limit. The organization reserves the right to eliminate choreographies that do not meet these criteria. The organization will communicate this decision to the participants affected by it.

All participants are asked that both the choreographies and the music are family-friendly and whose content is suitable for broadcasting to all audiences.

Recording background
All choreographies must be recorded with a neutral/urban background, without any furniture around, and with a horizontal format. Videos that do not meet this requirement will be directly eliminated from the competition; The organization will communicate this decision to the participants affected by it.


Every round will have a jury consisting of different professionals from the world of dance who, under non-bias criteria, will assess the choreographies presented. The members of the jury will be announced during December and January through the organization’s social networks.

Viewing order
The jury will view the different recordings in order of registration.

Each jury member will score out of 25 points, based on different scoring criteria, with the aggregate score of all the members being over 100 points.

The scoring criteria will be based on:

  • Global impression (transitions and use of space, group synchronization, variety of movements, the intensity of choreography, costumes and staging)
  • Staging and costumes
  • Creativity and originality
  • Technique
  • Style and expression
  • Musical montage

In the event of a tie, the group/participant with the highest score in the technical evaluation will win. The lowest scores will be directly eliminated.


5 points will be subtracted from the 100 scoring points in case ideas or choreographies are plagiarized from video clips and/or shows.

5 points will be deducted if the established time of the show duration is exceeded.

The judges at their own discretion may penalize the use of songs with obscene and disrespectful language and inappropriate attitudes and/or gestures for the age of the participant with the direct elimination of the participant.

Final battle order of action
A draw will be held among all the finalists to decide the final battle participants performance order. The order of action will be communicated via email to all participants and disseminated through the competition’s social media channels and website.


The 1st Edition of The Jungle Battle will feature 3 winners per category and 5 finalists.

9.1. Typology of awards

Individual category
1st place: € 2,000 (two thousand Euros)
2nd place: € 1,000 (thousand Euros)
3rd place: € 500 (five hundred Euros)

Duos and groups category
1st place: € 4,000 (four thousand Euros)
2nd place: € 1,800 (one thousand eight hundred Euros)
3rd place: € 800 (eight hundred Euros)

Special Awards

The Jungle Battle will present trophies to the five finalists in each category in recognition of their efforts. Besides, there will be special prizes that will be revealed as the competition progresses.

It is important to note that duets will be valued separately but fall into the group category awards.

The organization reserves the right to change the distribution of the prizes until the start of the competition.

9.2. Delivery method

The organization will deliver the prizes by bank transfer to the account indicated by the winners at the end of the competition. For groups, the award will be sent to the person in charge set at the beginning of the competition.

The winners will be responsible for the corresponding tax settlements that apply according to current legislation.


The competition will take place in five (5) rounds divided by weeks of seven (7) days from Monday to Sunday.

Given the current pandemic situation, the organization reserves the right to delay the start date of the competition (January 25).

Due to the high demand of schools, and taking into account the current pandemic setting, the organization has decided to postpone the beginning of the competition until February 22, 2021.

The participants who pass the round will be announced each week through social networks and on the website

In the event of elimination, due to non-compliance with the rules, participants will be contacted by phone or email to notify them of such decision.


The workshops will be broadcast on the 4 Saturdays of the competition at a time to be confirmed. The videos will be available on the digital platform determined by the organization and privately so that only participants who have made their participation effective can access it.